Jumeirah Village

Jumeirah Village is designed to distinguish itself from other mundane developments. It offers unmatched benefits to residents with a richly textured habitat that truly is in harmony with a metropolitan lifestyle.

Residential hamlets and office towers are within touching distance of exquisite landscaped features, restaurants, boutiques, boulevards, promenades and other recreational avenues to create a well-rounded living experience.

A sense of peace and community

At Jumeirah Village, you'll find an atmosphere that promotes friendship, family values and interaction.

Natural features
Lush green spaces and beautiful water features promote a healthy and happy life. Bringing people together much like an oasis.
Strong public and private places
From the privacy of your home to the congenial, friendly public places that are ideal for meeting and entertaining friends, you'll find the best of both worlds.
Icons and focal points
Unique landmarks include a central park, beautiful fountains, sparkling facilities and interconnected open spaces.
Symmetry and natural form
Using traditional Arabic symmetry blended with organic styles Jumeirah Village creates a successful and happy community.
Mixed use
Blending family life with commercial centers provides a dynamic way of life, building a real sense of community.
Pedestrian friendly
Freedom to walk, to meet new people and to ride a bike comes easy with pedestrian friendly access so easily available.

Conceived to meet the growing demand for conveniently located housing, Jumeirah Village is placed at the nerve centre of developing Dubai. Staddling an impressive expanse between the intersection of Al Barsha Road and Al Khail/Emirates Road, Jumeirah Village is just five minutes away from leading shopping destinations like Ibn Battuta Mall and the Emirates Mall and leisure destinations like Dubai Autodrome. What's more, it is uniquely placed on a metro line connecting Dubai International Airport and the future Jebel Ali International airport.

Structured for today's living
With a unique mix of residential, commercial and leisur facilities, Jumeirah Village, answers every conceivable aspect of today's lifestyle.

Residential -
The well-appointed, upscale residental towers of Jumeirah Village are aesthetically set off by lush parks, dense green gardens and calming waterways. Residents are priviledged with contrasting views of the city at one hand, the serenity of the parks and the buzz of communities in harmony with each other.

Retail -
Given Dubai's affinity with shopping, retail avenues are well accounted for at Jumeirah Village. Three major boulevards define the individual retail districts. Amoung the shaded streets laced with cafes and restaurants, lie a delightful platter of retail outlets that cater for true shopping aficionados. With bohemian boutiques, plush high-street stores, ritzy designer outlets and cutting edge brands jostling with each other for attention, the retail district holds the promise of an unending shopping spree.
Business District
At the Uptown and Downtown Business Districts of Jumeirah Village, bustling streets and skyscrapers announce the presence of the major multi-national companies in the vicinity, lending the buzz of a corporate hub to the city.

These economic centers are conveniently aligned with the offerings of residential boulevards, promenades, shopping and dining venues and parkways set in each zone.

Each hub uniquely characterized with the individuality of the residents and businesses drawn to the district.
Village Centers
Radiating from Central Park are three oasis promenades. here, people can take part in activities including sports, picnics or simply a leisurely stroll.
Souks and shopping gardens
Acting as an extension of the parks, the souk will include a public plaza and landscaped gardens. A variety of shops and restaurants will provide a truly unique and tranquil experience.
Restaurants and cafes
An eclectic mix of designer, fine dining and casual dining concepts colour the boulevards of Jumeirah Village South. By drawing residents to their fold, restaurants and cafes create venues for both entertainment and interaction.
Adding value to life
Spanning over 810 hectares of exemplary residential, business and lifestyle settings, Jumeirah Village also houses an impressive list of other necessities.

  • Availability of plots for schools, hospitals and hotels.
  • Safe service streets and parks.
  • Parking facilities.
  • Pedestrian based community.
  • Wide landscaped boulevards.
  • Shady tree lined streets.
  • Balanced residential, retail and business districts.
  • Provision of transport to facilitate and improve mobility within the city.
  • Village centers.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Central lake with cultural center.
  • Well-planned road network for smooth traffic flow.

Erantis Development

The Erantis project in Dubai has brought the dawn of a new era in property development. Located in the new heart of Dubai, Erantis is a very exclusive development consisting of only 16 townhouse.

Erantis combines unique Scandinavian style with state-of-the-art technology, Erantis is the epitome of designer living, a location that doesn’t follow fashion trends, but focuses on the core values of design, creating a truly timeless way of life.